School History

History of Kalna Maharaja’s High School:

burdwan_maharaja1903The writing of a history of Kalna Maharaja’s High School on the occasion of its first silver jubilee needs no explanation. For a century, it has been associated with a long list of man of eminence though a case of incendiarism in 1930 consumed a great bulk of the records of this school, yet tradition. Calcutta ‘University Calenders and some records of different years which were luckily saved from the said fire will give us an ac hundred years of this institution.

The inception of this school was the result of an incident concerning Christianization of the Scotland Free Church Missionaries in India. Long before the foundation of this school, there was a school started by the said Missionaries, known as Culna (Kalnat F. C. Branch School or F. C. Mission School, Kalna. This school not only championed the cause of western education in India but also carefully propagated Christianity in the rural areas around Kalna Mauza (Pargana Ambika).

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